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January 3, 2006.

Welcome to my personal web page. I have planned it to be a casual nostalgic tour of selected photos of the Maltz and Vogt families (including photos of Russell and Randy's extended families reached by clicking on the appropriate links below).

Unk and friend Fritzi

I want to introduce my "NefDog" (for nephew dog since I seem to be everybody's "Uncle") Fritzi the schnauzer. He is in charge of organizing the household (and street) of Sister Shirley and Brother-in-law Ron.

Family Portrait

Left to right, in the rear, are Russ Vogt, Yours Truly, Randy Vogt
Middle row, Kris Vogt, Stephie and Chris Mertz, Bobbi Vogt
Then Shirley and Ron Vogt with young Alex, of course.

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Henry Maltz

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