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These postal cards are from the collection of Bill Bohnenberg (1891-1972). They are over 100 years old and give an idea of how different the points of interest were - mostly pictures of buildings and schools. They are a glimpse into simpler times and I find the cards quite fascinating. I have included the letters to lend more interest to the cards and give a feeling for the time - and the universal topic of the weather. Also, to let you see the remarks written on the unseen address side of the cards.

Central Park

Postmark 1907

The East Drive in Central Park, New York City when horses still ruled transportation.

"June 10, 1907. I expect to visit my cousins in White Plains this week and will see you in the City Sat. if convenient for you. I will write you again. F.K.A. (Let me hear from you by Wednesday if you can as I will go on (?) train.)"

Central Park


The Terraces in New York's Central Park - still a part of the landscape.

"The little Junior Workers had their little picnic in our grove today. We had a lovely time. All well. Love. Frances"

In 1853 the New York legislature designated a 700-acre area from 59th to 106th Streets for the creation of the Central Park. The park is the largest on Manhattan Island. In 1857 the Central Park Commission held a landscape design contest. Writer Frederick Law Olmsted and English architect Calvert Vaux developed the so-called "Greensward Plan," which was selected as the winning design.

Fredonia NY


School in Fredonia, New York. Note the solid brick construction, made to last.

Mount Greylock


View of Mount Greylock in North Adams, Massachusetts. "Were you ever on this mountain?", the other side of early cards were generally reserved for addresses only.

"Were you ever on this mountain."

Williams College


Hopkins Hall and New Chapel, Williams College, Williamstown, MA.

"We went to the foot ball game yesterday, not a very good one, score seventeen to nothing in favor of Williamstown. You just missed it going home so soon. They are going to have two balloon ascensions here this week if the weather permits. George"

Williams College


Lasell Hall, Williams College, Williamstown, MA.

"were here yesterday Sun PM"

"Dear Sis, Mothers visit will be short and sweet. Wish you could be here too. Will write later! All well having fine weather - hope will keep fine. a little cool. Hastly (?)"

St. Francis church School


St. Francis Church Parochial School, North Adams, MA.

"Saturday Nov. 21. Will just drop you a postal and let you know that on Tuesday I expect to go home. Ed took a walk to-night down to River St. and up around Verangie (?) that is as far as it is to Main St. Sincerely George"

Webb House


Webb House, Wellesley, MA.

"Do you believe all I told you now you see the niceness of it. R.B."

Berkshire Hill Sanitarium


Berkshire Hill Sanitorium, North Adams, MA.

"Simply pouring, sorry cousin is having such weather in NY(?). I guess they did not see Saratoga today. Hope you reached home in safety. Your visit seems like a dream. I am anxious to know how you found mother. We are lonly (sic). Sis Cora"

Springfield, MA


Central High School, State Street, Springfield, MA.

High School


High School, Great Barrington, MA.

"Went to G.B. to fair, took a delightful drive through the Berkshires - visited Sheffield and other places. B&BS."

Hudson River Highlands


The banks of the Hudson - Lower entrance to the highlands.

"The first day is over & all promises well. My school room overlooks the river & my class seems nice as do the teachers. Address is 152 Third St. very near the Palatine hotel. Hope to hear from you soon. You know what I am anxious to hear about. Are you ready to tell? Have no news at all for you. Must hie to my little bed now. Do write soon. Your son G."

Hudson High School


Hudson NY High School.

"Dear Caroline, Do not know if you have seen this school or not. I find it very pleasant, also the people. Have a very nice boarding house, 436 State St. Write to me. Lovingly, Bertha. PS Your letter just received, will be delighted to come. B.S."

Vassar College


Interior of Musuem, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY.

"I thought you might like one of these. I have several. With love, Blanche"

Hudson High School


College Hill Park, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

"How did the first day go? All is well and hot here. Seymour still with me. W.H.P."

1892 -- College Hill Park was presented to the city by Mr. William W. Smith. William and his brother Andrew Smith became famous for their Smith Brothers Cough Drops. William (1830-1914) is buried in Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery.

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