Introducing Pat & Dick's Web Pages

Recently our family had a personal tragedy. After a long illness, Richard "Dick" Jenkins, husband of Patricia Davis Jenkins, father of Roberta Vogt and Lori Davis, passed away.

My sister, Shirley Vogt, was concerned that the marvelous web pages Dick had authored would be lost. Agreeing that it was important to save his efforts, I decided to try to re-create the pages and preserve them on my personal web site.

Dick was a gifted photographer and had varied interests in electronics, railroads and model railroads. As you will see, he also did an exhaustive study of his family tree. It is my hope that this publication may cause someone to help with information on his forbears (please use my e-mail address - I did not delete his original address).

Note: At the bottom of the photography link page you will find a button to go to Dick's obituary. Enjoy!

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Henry Maltz

New: May 21, 2006.