Pre-flight check

Father's Day
June 19, 2005

Randy invited his Dad and Uncle to breakfast in Burlington, VT in honor of Father's Day. Randy is doing the pre-flight check in front of the Schenectady Airport hanger with Dad and Mom observing. He is checking for water in the fuel; the water settles in the bottom of the tanks and is easily removed.

Cockpit view

Commander Cockpit

A view of the complex controls of the aircraft. It has a transponder for flight controller's radar displays, auto-pilot and GPS (Global Positioning System) which shows the aircraft's position and ground features at all times.

In flight

Randy and Dad

Pilot Randy and co-pilot Dad in flight from Schenectady Airport to Burlington VT.

Commercial Aviation Terminal

Burlington Commercial Flight Terminal

The Commander is parked with Randy cleaning the windshield while Dad is checking out the terminal area.

F18 Carrier Plane


An F-18 parked in front of the commercial terminal. The aircraft is stenciled for the carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower. It is carrying a fuel pod to extend its flying range.

Free Kia

Kia to Go

A free Kia automobile offered to Randy to drive us into Burlington for breakfast. If the car had not been available we would have walked to a local diner a short distance away. You do not find this courtesy at most airports - Burlington is a very friendly air facility.

Leunig's Bistro

Leunig's Bistro

We had a great breakfast at Leunig's Bistro in Burlington VT on a friendly pedestrian mall. After a short wait we were escorted to an inside table. My breakfast was a bit unusual because the link sausages (3) I had with my eggs were flavored with Vermont maple syrup.

Street in Burlington VT

Street View

This is a view of the pedestrian mall looking away from Leunig's, which is back to the left.

Clarendon & Pittsford

Clarendon & Pittsford

A train at the Burlington train station awaiting departure of a regular Sunday passenger tour. You can see the people entering the cars at the right background.

GP17 locomotive


Dad Vogt struck up a conversation with the engineer concerning the make of the locomotive. He informed us that it was a General Motors GP16 that has been upgraded to a GP17, which should have been obvious to us from the rounded fuel tanks - a GM spotting feature. Having, so far, been an engineer for 23 years he told us that the railroad handles freight to Rutland, Bellows Falls, etc. and is very busy. In further conversation he expressed concern about the shortage of qualified engineers, being filled (especially in remote control) by conductors without "over the road" experience.

Schenectady Airport

Final Approach

Ready to land at Schenectady Airport, the end of a perfect day. The Air National Guard base is visible at the right.

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