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Me and my Sisters

Here I am sitting between my sister Stephanie on the left and my foster sister Amber on the right. We are trying to get my new dog, Summer, to stand still for the photo. This was taken in August 2004 so Summer has grown a lot!

Alex and Summer

My Dog Summer

Here I am again, in the kitchen, with my dog Summer. Pretty sharp bandana, isn't it!

Grandpa and Me

Grandpa and Me

My Dad and I visited Grandpa and Grandma Vogt also in August 2004. Here is Grandpa and me at the New York State Museum just outside the carousel.

The Carousel

Alex in action!

Having a great time riding the carousel. The horses are genuine original carvings that have been restored like new.

An antique car

Antique car

Grandpa and me in front of an antique car. The museum has a lot of keen exhibits and we had a lot of fun.

Alex at bat

Batter Up!

That's me at home plate batting. Dad is watching me in the right foreground.


Practice Session

Here is one of Grandpa's pictures. He caught both balls in the air during our practice session.

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