A page of pictures dedicated to "Man's Best Friend".

Randy and Dixie

Clearwater, Florida

A young nephew Randy with their dog, Dixie. Dixie was a very special breed: a basenji - dogs with a history dating back to ancient Egypt.

Henry and collie.

An early scene.

A photo of myself and our collie from the distant past (the 1930's) when we lived on Alexander Street in the Woodlawn section of Schenectady.

Henry and terrier.

Sitting in the park.

A fine summer day with our Irish terrier "Bundarsh" (The closest I can get to the Hungarian word). Thanks to Sister Shirley for remembering his name after all these years.

Mom and Kerry.


Mother with our standard poodle "Kerry" (named after the Kerry Blue breed which she admired). As you can see, he was a tall dog with long legs. One memorable day he outran a cat in our yard. Actually he ran over her resulting in the cat being under his belly. Perplexed, he decided the chase was over and walked away!

Fritzi the pup.


Fritzi the Schnauzer as a very young puppy. He has since outgrown the small bowls. His meals, at that time, disappeared in a matter of seconds. He was always extremely hungry and had no time to waste chewing. He now takes his time (more or less) and crunches his kibbles with relish twice a day.

Lucky in the woods.


Lucky posing proudly for his "mom" in the woods near home.

Fritzi with his toys.

Opening Christmas gifts

Fritzi checking out new toys with discarded gift wrapping in the background.

Fritzi with his toys.

Which toy shall I play with?

An evening scene, near bedtime. Fritzi has emptied his toy box and arranged them in a circle for his "dad" to select the last toys of the day to play with.

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Original: January 15, 2001 ; Updated: February 19, 2001.