Selected Maltz Family Photos

Central Park

A nice photo taken in Schenectady's Central Park.

Grandpa, Unk and Randy with our favorite standard poodle, Kerry. As you can see, photographing Kerry on black and white film was not easy. Note the high tech remote control (my hand pulling a string!).



Scenes From Long Ago

Myself on my trusty Wards Hawthorne bike. It took me everywhere (also to Draper High) until one of the boys got a car. Frank Rapant's grandfather gave him a 1926 Chevrolet that we all piled into to go to school. No school buses in those days, people, most kids walked. A rare shot of Dad on Shirl's bike. Notice the rural view of Mrs. VonStetina's fruit orchard across the street(and, in the left view, Mrs. Burke's beautiful house, now a McDonald's, opposite our street on Altamont Avenue).

Clocks on Cape Cod

Myself in Mr. Richardson's clock shop in Cape Cod.

Two clocks in my collection came from this shop. It was always a "fun" stop on our Cape visits. You will notice that Mom managed to get a little of the proprietor into the photo!

The Clock Shop

Mom in the Clock Shop.

A different display of clocks in Mr. Richardson's shop. He also did repairs behind a long counter (not shown).

Mrs. Robert Brooks

Another Cape Cod Mandatory Stop

I couldn't leave out Mrs. Robert Brooks who ran an art gallery in Hyannis, MA, another of our "must" vacation stops. She is the wife of the painter of Mom's favorite watercolor of Cape Cod's Sandy Neck. The harbor scene behind her is a Brooks original. I also have an original oil by Mrs. Brooks herself. A side note - Mr. Brooks made two panels on a Biblical theme for the Hyannis Synagogue out of individual glazed tiles. We went to see the actual mosiacs and, if you visit the area, highly recommend stopping in to tour the facility.

Central Park

A View of Central Park

Shirley overlooking Lake Iroquois in Schenectady's Central Park.

This hill, with its worn paths, is a favorite for sledding in the snowy winter months.

Shirley's Painting

A Work of Art

An early oil by sister Shirley, the family artist.

The photograph is taken with Amsterdam Avenue in the background. There are no houses evident, unlike the present when three homes have been built in the open lots and fruit orchard of Mrs. von Stetina, fondly remembered for her fabulous bobka.

Enjoying the View

Grandpa and the Boys

Russ and Randy enjoying the view from the shed roof on a balmy summer day. I think this picture (circa late 1960's) will bring back fond memories of "tea parties" and ham sandwiches with Pitzi Grandma (the original) and Grandpa Maltz.

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Last Updated: February 19, 2001