Selected Vogt Family Photos

Ludwig and Helene Vogt

The Bavarian Chalet September 3, 1979

Fiftieth Anniversary photograph of Ludwig and Helene Vogt. Note the Hummel toasting glasses.

Bavarian Chalet Festivities

Bavarian Chalet Festivities

Ludwig, Mr. Braun, Russell and Unk engaging in some good fellowship on the occasion of the Anniversary.


My Favorite Photo of Randy

A great photo taken in Clearwater Florida.

Amtrak Adventure

An Amtrak Trip

Russ and Randy off on a trip with Dad.

Family Photo

Family Gathering

Everyone was present at Bobbi and Randy's home on Denkers Drive in July, 1993.

From left to right, mostly, are Dick and Pat Jenkins, Ron and Shirley Vogt, Randy and Bobbi Vogt, Uncle Henry, Russ and Kris Vogt, Uncle Charlie and Sharon Davis (since divorced), Jim and Lori Davis. In front, of course, are Chris and Stephie Mertz.

Family Photo

Christmas at Bobbi and Randy's

A Christmas 2001 family gathering.

To those unfamiliar: From left to right, rear, are Pat and Dick, myself, Ron and Shirl. Front row: Randy and Bobbi, Jim and Lori.

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