A special effort to entertain and educate family members with views from the present and the past from our family album. I hope you find these pages of interest and enjoy a glimpse of these exciting events.

Your genial host

Pete says Hello!

Welcome to my Web Pages. Here you see me at a meeting of our "bull sessions" with my friends from Upstate New York. We affectionately call our informal group "HVBS", a moniker I invented, to connote the Hudson Valley Bullshit Society. We originally met at the Hoffman House in Kingston, NY but more recently rotate the site - most consistently meeting at Roudigan's Steak House in Kingston.

Home scene

Our domicile

A quiet nostalgic Winter scene featuring our quaint, cozy little home in Poughkeepsie NY, the "Queen City of the Hudson Valley" (with appropriate apologies to Thomas Kinkade).

The rear of our home

A seldom seen view

This is the very special decor of the rear of our Poughkeepsie home. Kay and I really love cuckoo clocks and have one in every room of our house. Unfortunately our love of Black Forest craftsmanship didn't stop there! This clock actually works and brings us great joy as we view it from our yard, savoring the cuckoo call and the hourly and half-hourly strikes.

HVBS in session

HVBS Meeting of November 14, 2001

Photo taken at the opening of another epochal symposium of the Hudson Valley Bullshit Society being held at the Hoffman House with members perusing the tempting, mouth-watering menu.

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