Visit to Chris at Fort Drum

Chris Mertz

Christopher Mertz

To start at the beginning, here is Chris graduating from York High School in June 2003 with his army recruiting officer attending the ceremony. Chris has been accepted into the U.S. Army to train for servicing helicopters after his graduation.

Family Portrait

Carthage, New York

Waiting in Carthage for the arrival of Chris to guide us on the base at Fort Drum, near Watertown NY. In the foreground, crossing the Black River, is the railroad bridge that Grandpa Ron had worked on, restoring damaged piers many years ago.

Unicorn Restaurant

The Unicorn Restaurant

Ron, Chris and myself at the Unicorn (note the numerous pictures of unicorns) for breakfast. It is just off the base and features "home-made" entrees such as the very good corned beef hash Ron and I enjoyed.

Unicorn Parking Lot

In front of the Unicorn

Ron, Chris and I in the parking area in front of the Unicorn Restaurant with my 2007 Toyota Camry LE.

Unicorn Parking Lot

Fort Drum

Entrance to Living Quarters

Chris was quartered on the base in the wing to your right.

Chris' Quarters

In Chris's Room

He had to paint the quarters for the next inhabitant so all the furniture is in the middle of the room.

Chris' Quarters

View to the Next Room

Two men share each room and two rooms share the bath in the center. Note the refrigerator in the foreground.

Base Commander

General Oates House

The home of Major General Michael J. Oates, Commander 10th Mountain Division on the grounds of Fort Drum.

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Original: May 18, 2007.