An effort to express my personal interests and some family photos - I hope you will find them as fascinating as I do.

A portrait

Welcome to my pages!

To introduce myself: I am Shirley Vogt, popularly known in the family as "Pitzi Grandma" (using the Hungarian affectionate word for small or tiny). My interests are very diverse: including cooking, baking, oil painting (I created the Loon oil displayed in our living room), crocheting (currently I am a member of a "squares" group for afghans, and reading. My favorite books are the Nero Wolfe series by Rex Stout of which I have a complete collection. The following photos are from the past although, as is so often said, it all seems like it happened yesterday.

At home on Amsterdam Ave.


Ron and myself a long time ago at the kitchen table at my parents house on Amsterdam Avenue in Rotterdam.

Family scene

A family scene at Christmas.

The same setting in the kitchen with Mom and Dad and brother Henry at Christmas, 1955. Note the rosy walls which gave everyone a healthy glow.

Mom and Dad with Mingo

Mom and Dad (and Mingo)

A warm day in the Fall with our maple tree in glorious full color. You can see our neighbor (house in the rear) Mrs. Pamminger's rural mailbox and, in the center background, Mrs. von Stetina's house.

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Original: April 4, 2002; Update: December 15, 2004