Selected Historical Photos

Grandmother and Grandfather

Reverse of Photo

Grandmother and Grandfather Jenning

Wedding photograph of Martin and Anna Jenning.

On the right is the reverse of the wedding photo.

Written in Mother's hand: "My Parents. Martin Ludwig Wilhelm Jenning, Anna born Meier with the dates of birth and death (the "y" and inverted "y" indicating birth and death are an interesting German symbol). The Portrait Photographer, Mr. Jensch, had his studio in the Hamburg waterfront district of St. Pauli.

Mom and Dad in 1929

Mom and Dad in 1929

Mom and Dad

On the right a beautiful scene in a German forest in 1929. They were married in Hamburg and returned to the United States to live. The scene on the left is, I think, the Bodensee where they spent their honeymoon in a cottage on the lake.

Karl Jenning

Karl and Emma

Karl Jenning

Mother's youngest brother Karl. On the left in his uniform prior to World War II. Uncle Karl returned from the war with a lingering fatal illness. On the right, in happier times, Karl and sister Emma enjoying a quiet afternoon fishing.

The Bohnenberg's

The Bohnenberg's

Bill and Hilde Bohnenberg in their mobile home. I assume Mother is taking the photo.

Bill had an exceptionally fascinating life. To get to the United States he signed up as a deckhand on a sailing ship that went around South America to San Francisco. After a short time there, he became a cowboy on a large cattle ranch in Nevada. Later, on being rejected for service in World War I because of his "German" name, he became a "barnstormer" at exhibitions featuring the new airplanes. After a stint in racing bicycles, a national sport at that time, Bill settled down as a farmer in Columbia County here in New York State.

Ludwig Vogt at work

At work in GE

This picture of Alex's great-grandfather appeared on the cover of a booklet about the Schenectady General Electric Building #109 Wire Mill department of Medium Induction Motors. Ludwig (Lou) Vogt is pictured operating a machine that is making wire loom of various materials such as copper or silver, used (flattened) as a flexible conductor in electric motors. He was awarded the prestigious GE Coffin award, given for outstanding contributions to the Company. In this case an invention for removing contaminants from asbestos used in insulating conductors (especially as used in Navy propulsion gear).

Woodworking Factory

Great Grandfather Vogt

Franz Vogt's Drechslerei

On the left is a photo of Ron's grandfather's (Alex's great-great-grandfather) water-powered wood-turning factory in Hollunder (Silesia). On the right is Franz Vogt in his Werkstatte (workshop). He was an expert in turning table and bed posts, stair spindles and posts; also making luxury furniture.

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